Please take note of the following instructions for correct and lasting care.

Stainless Steel, while durable, will still react under certain & extreme conditions. Long exposures to foods containing chlorides can discolor or pit all stainless steel. To avoid this, please remember to wash your cutlery soon after exposure to all foods, but especially those such as mustards, vinegars or salty foods etc.

Please ONLY Hand Wash your cutlery carefully & gently, in warm water, with a mild detergent & a soft non abrasive cloth. If there is any food lodged in between the wiring, use something small & gentle, (such as an old soft clean toothbrush) to GENTLY dislodge it. Do not soak & rinse immediately & thoroughly.

PLEASE be careful of knife blades, they may be pretty, but are still very sharp.

Dry immediately & gently with a soft cloth to avoid any water spots & tarnishing. DO NOT put away when wet. If you do get some water spots, rub affected area very lightly with a tiny amount of edible oil to remove, then immediately wash & dry again – as directed above.

Store in a dry place – away from aluminum or silver plated items. Stainless steel will react with these metals. To protect your pieces, I suggest gently wrapping them in a soft cloth, such as a few fabric serviettes, tea towel, bathroom hand towel, or even tissue paper inside a small firm box. This will help protect them from being knocked against other utensils or heavier objects while in storage.

I’m sorry, but I don’t recommend using a Dishwasher at all. Really, in life there are always some ‘special pieces’ you have – you simply wouldn’t put in a dishwashing machine. Aside from the fact that the force & heat of the water could possibly dislodge & damage it while inside, my question to you would simply be this: “Would you put your favourite pearl jewellry, a tiny crystal ornament or perhaps a glass hand made necklace in a dishwasher? – No”?
Then I wouldn’t put these in either.

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