Clear Glass Beads

Aqua & Lime Cubes on Amalfi Cheese Knife

Aqua & Lime Cubes on Amalfi Cheese Knife

Pretty, practical & colours galore!

Clear Beads are probably the strongest & most practical of all & come in a huge range of colours, shapes & sizes.

Translucent Aquas shine like the sea, the Lime adds zest & freshness & the Pink looks like pale Fairy Floss. Darker colours add depth; like dusty Plums, Olive Greens & Sapphire Blues with a Mauvey hue. All are lovely, it’s just whatever takes your fancy.

Facet crystal cut beads add another dimension again. Texture adds depth & interest & as the light catches the edges, they shimmer & add that touch of Glamour to your piece & table setting.

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