Czech Glass Pearls

Chocolate, Cinnamon & Cream Pearls
on Amailfi Salad Servers

Gorgeous Pearls

Just about everyone I know loves Pearls. Simple, Classic & always Glamorous. Why not add a touch of pearls to your table?

These luminous glass pearls add timeless class to any piece and come in a range of classic or modern fashionable colours. From classic white & cream to country chocolate & cinnamon or funky purple, blues, & greens, there’s just about any colour imaginable.

Match them to existing tableware or furnishings, or go for bright bold playful colours to add some fun to your tableware.

The blues look like gorgeous sea gems, the greens like they’re tiny buds from nature & the funky vibrant colours like a range of treasured jewells. Team them with white, gold or even silver for that extra blitz of glamour & you can’t go wrong.

I have a large range of colour combinations & photo examples I will happily show/email you, so if you have something in mind, or are just curious to see more, please don’t be afraid to contact me to ask!

Glass Crackle Beads

Magenta & Lime Crackle Beads
on Amalfi Cheese Knife

I love these Crackle Beads!

The insides of the beads have a distinct crackly appearance & when the light hits them as they rest upon the silver handles it just adds a gorgeous luminous sparkle to the piece.

This is my sisters favourite colour combination, & of course, she has the whole set!

These beads come in a fantastic range of colours too. Stunning pinks & purples, deep intense & watery blues, luscious limes, a classic clear which offsets & breaks up other colours beautifully & even classic christmas colours of glowing reds & greens.

You really can’t go wrong with crackle beads!

Beads Types

The Beads I use are carefully selected to compliment the individual pieces.

I use a range of colors & styles for either a subtle touch or those to stand out & sparkle.

Only quality beads are used in my designs, primarily Czech Glass, Glass Pearls & Crackle Beads in a variety of colours, shapes & styles, including:

* Glass Pearls with a matt or shiney finish
* Glass Crackle beads in round or square
* Clear Glass Rounds, Cubes or Facet Cut in a range of gorgeous colours

Most beads are around the 7-10mm size, depending on availability & suitability to the piece.

If ever your beads become damaged, do not continue to use the piece. Contact me for return instructions so that I can repair it for you (a charge may apply depending on the level of damage)

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